2021’s Top 10 In-Demand Freelance Jobs

With the workplace shifting into becoming more flexible and accessible for remote talent, freelance careers continue to soar which gives opportunities and chances for everyone to become independent and enjoy the benefits of working from home.

With that, careers in freelancing have been increasing over the recent years. People have been becoming more interested in how to make money online as well as how to create a passive income stream, aside from their full-time jobs. Some of the openings you can apply for are Graphic Design, Copywriting, Web Development, Social Media, and many more.

But amidst the list of jobs you can apply as a professional, some companies are looking for freelancers in a specific niche. In this article, we’ll help you decide on your next move  by enumerating the top ten freelance jobs that companies are looking for right now.

The Top 10 Freelance Jobs That Are In-Demand

In freelancing, the more skills you have, the better chances you have in landing projects. If you fall into one of these roles, then it’s likely that you’ll be an attractive candidate to a diverse number of clients. But, what if you don’t have that particular set of skills? Rest assured because freelancing has a number of opportunities that you can apply to, and that will suit your skill level and interest.

Take a peek at our top 10 freelance jobs so you can  jumpstart your career in freelancing.

Software Developer / Programmer

  • With the recent boom and dependency on technology, Programming has been, and still, is one of the most in-demand jobs for freelancers. Businesses have been recently shifting from traditional to digital platforms, along with the development of their services and products for customers. They need constant development and innovation to survive amongst the other competitors they have.

  • As a freelance developer, you can specialize in one or two areas of software development. You can tackle full-stack development, which involves both back & front end stacks; or become a QA, to handle quality assurance of a business’s product quality. With these positions, you would need to learn and be proficient with the in-demand stacks as well such as Python, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, React.js, and many more.

Graphic Design

  • With social media being a powerful tool used by businesses in their strategies nowadays, content marketing should be consistent and appealing for their customers. This is where Graphic Design comes in.

    Graphic Design can range more than your typical social media posters and collaterals. It also encapsulates motion graphics, brochures, infographics, customized images, logos, and so much more. In order to be successful in Graphic Design when freelancing, you should have a diverse set of skills to offer. These skills expand from basic photoshop skills to animations and 2D effects.

    Moreover, a solid portfolio is a vital part if you’re going to focus on Graphic Design jobs. Your portfolio contains your credibility through the quality, quantity, and types of work you’ve done with previous clients. A solid designed portfolio is essential, and something you build over time, so keeping on top of industry trends, learning new tools, and developing your skills before going freelance is key.

Content Writing

  • Nowadays, writing has become a popular field in freelancing. With the motto “content is king”, companies are focusing their budget and effort in making quality articles, blogs, campaigns, newsletters, and more to attract specific audiences to their platforms.

    Of course, to be a successful writer, you would need to have exceptional eye to detail, impeccable grammar, and be able to adapt in writing different types of styles and topics. Similar to designers, a solid portfolio is also vital in a writer’s application to showcase the multitude of copies you’ve done with previous companies, increasing your chances of partnering with future clients.

Digital Marketing

  • Digital has become the trend in businesses nowadays. It offers a lot of benefits and convenience for them and their customers. This also means that they need to step up their marketing initiatives, especially in social media platforms. Factors such as email campaigns, CRMs, analytics, and organic reaches are some of the vital parts in a successful social media strategy. This is where Digital Marketers will shine.

    Marketers are tasked with ideating, executing, and optimizing digital strategies that will cover every point of the customer’s journey with your company. With these responsibilities, they should also have the skills and fundamentals needed such as SEO, SEM, Analytics, CRM, conversions, and more. The diversity of skills required in the marketing space drives the demand for all types of marketers across industries.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO has become a popular factor in companies nowadays. It helps them rank 1st in Google Search Engine and increase their visibility in different platforms, how? Through consistent optimization of their websites and social media platforms.

    To be a successful SEO specialist, you would need to have a diverse set of skills concerning websites. You should be adept in on-page optimization, link building, HTML coding, copywriting, and knowledge on best Google practices to help rank companies.

Human Resources

  • For every growing company, Human Resources is a vital factor in it’s operations. From payroll to talent management, it’s important to keep track and manage these systems and the employees for a well-oiled working team.

    However, beginners or career shifters may not be suitable for this role since the role requires experience and specific sets of skills such as people-person, multitasking, HRIS, and more.


  • Surprisingly, there has been a demand for hiring freelance talent in accounting. Responsibilities such as bookkeeping, payroll, AP/R, tax and its regulations can be too complex for a company to handle internally, moreover with the tedious process and time it takes to find a full-time employee to handle those.

    As an accountant, it’s important that you are knowledgeable and skilled in detecting minute mistakes and details, have industry & financial awareness, and most importantly, in performing tax compliances.

Photo / Videographer

  • When it comes to Photography & Video editing, it is not as simple as taking photos and shooting videos.. It takes a particular set of skills to create stunning photos and videos to wow your audience.

    If you want to be a freelance photographer or videographer, you would need to build and create a stunning portfolio composed of your original work for previous employers or clients. To do this, you would need to equip yourself with the right tools, knowledge, trend awareness, and the aesthetic itself.

Virtual Assistance

  • There has been a growing number of people shifting to virtual assistance as a career. This is because of the benefits and flexibility it offers to a person; remote work, freedom, and avoidance of commuting are just some of the reasons why people love it so much.

    When you start to become a freelance virtual assistant, there are a lot of options and jobs you can choose from. Virtual assistance covers a lot of work and responsibilities that can help grow your client’s business. Some of them are digital marketing, email management, lead generation, administrative tasks and so much more. All you need to find is the right work for you and in no time, you’ll be advancing your freelance career.

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  • Being an editor is quite similar to doing copywriting, but  the difference is that you will edit and correct grammar, and the direction the copy is going.

    You will be editing from articles to magazines, as long as it has a copy. The skills that you will need are quite evident; eye for detail, excellent verbal and written English language, and the ability to adapt in different topics and writing styles.


When you decide to start a career in being a freelancer, ask yourself first of what you want to do as a career, then do some research on jobs and lastly, start practicing the skills needed for the task.

You should always actively check for openings on various freelance job platforms and connect with fellow freelancers so that you are able to accelerate your job search and skills for your career as a freelancer. If you belong with the top in-demand freelancers above, then you are very lucky as many clients will be looking for you, and if you have a different profession, that’s okay as well! Freelancing is an evolving market, a lot of opportunities will still come your way. Good research and consistency is the key.

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